Nature Trail


Our farm walks are buggy and wheelchair accessible. We have planted over 3000 native species these include Beech, Hazel, Wild Cherry, Elderflower, Whitethorn, Blackthorn, Crab Apple and Wild Rose. Keen observers will spot plentiful evidence of wildlife such as Fox dens and Rabbit burrows.

The farm is a haven for wild birds particularly each morning when the animals are being fed as they help themselves to the animal’s food.  Lots of wildflowers grow around the farm and on the hedgerows. Our fields are natural wildflower meadows as we don’s use chemical fertilisers.

The trial leads to a pond and during springtime it’s awash with frogspawn.  Breeding Moorhen pairs also make their nest each year and if you are quiet you can spot their fluffy black chicks. Other regular visitors here are Wild Ducks and Geese, Lapwings and Heron. It’s also a haven for insect life with lots of Dragonflies, Damsel flies, water beetles and other pond dwellers.  The little Woodland area has Willow, Sallies, Bog Cotton and Ladies Smock among others. Leaving the pond follow the Trail back up to the vegetable patch and potato garden with honeybees. As the farm is over 600ft above sea level, there are beautiful views of the Galtee mountains(Tipperary), Knockmealdown mountains(Waterford) as well as the nearby Nagle mountains.