Tir Na Si is a 22 acre eco-friendly family farm with an emphasis on self sufficiency and sustainable living, while being mindful of our traditions and folklore of our past.

We farm in an environmentally friendly way as it not only preserves the environment for future generations but it also makes sense economically and this is the way people traditionally farmed and lived in the past.

We use the natural materials where possible. Our buildings and walls are constructed from 60 year old native irish Larch from sustainable woodlands in the Glen of Aherlow and County Wicklow and stone which is quarried locally. Fences are constructed from Larch and Ash. We also made use of recycled materials. Wood burning stoves provide heating and hot water and we have a wood fired oven.

The animals we keep are farm animals, most of which are indigenous to Irish farmland. We have also taken in a number of rescue animals. We are careful to select animals that we know will be happy in the environment we provide here at Tir Na Si.

Tir na Si

We have enhanced our natural environment by planting 3500 native plants to date. These include Crab Apple, Wild Cherry, Hazel, Elder and Wild Rose and most of these we harvest for food. We also grow our own vegetables, herbs and fruit and the meat we use is mostly sourced from our farm. All the food in our restaurant is homemade and sourced from the farm or locally. Julia is a qualified Chef.

We endeavor to pass on these skills and knowledge through guided tours, cooking and gardening classes, as well as welcoming the public on a daily basis. We ourselves continue to learn and to work at enhancing the visitor experience.